How to Attract More Money

We’ve all had that point in our lives where we’ve wished for more money.  Maybe we wanted the latest phone on the market, or maybe we simply wanted to catch up on bills.  Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that having more money can make life easier.   If you’re like most of us, you probably work a nine to five job.

What does that mean, though? It means you probably have a set amount of income that you get each month, and it might be hard for you to imagine being able to break out of the rat race.  This is a term that was coined years ago, meaning that you’re in an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit.  It likens humans to rats that are trying to earn a reward, like cheese, but simply cannot.

The great thing about people, though, is that we’re not rats.  We have the capability to break out of the rat race and earn more income than we than we ever thought possible.  Read on for tips on how to attract money.

Recognize the Negative Thoughts You Have Regarding Money

what to spend money onEveryone has some negative thoughts about money.  They might think things like ‘I can’t afford that’, or ‘I’m not good with money’, and ‘rich people are all jerks’. These are negative thoughts, and negativity gets you no closer to fixing your problems with money.

If you still feel like you don’t deserve money or that money changes people, perhaps you should consider taking money out of the equation completely.  Think of it in other terms.  Are you worthy of having clothes? Are you worthy of having a nice house? Transportation? Food? Fun experiences?

Yes, yes, yes!  Of course you are!  So when you start worrying about all the things you can’t afford but you really want, start trying to erase these blocks by:

Being grateful

You have so many great things in your life, and you need to be grateful for them.  It would be nice to have the latest smart phone, sure, but take a moment and appreciate the smart phone that you do have.  Your ‘desire energy’ should be based around gratitude!

Focus on what you want 

Don’t focus on the money.  If you start focusing on money, you’re never going to get anywhere.  Instead, focus on the things you want to use the money for.  Who knows? You might end up attracting the things you want without money at all.  They could be gifted to you, or you might trade something for them, or you might inherit them.  Who knows? Just remember to focus on the things you want and not the money itself.

Don’t dwell on what you don’t have 

When you start focusing your energy on the things you don’t have, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Who wants to go to work thinking that they’re never going to get what they want? If you have that mindset, then you really won’t have the opportunity to get what you want out of life!

Work on Changing Your Thoughts

change your thoughtsYou’re not going to change overnight, and that’s alright.  It’s going to take time, patience, and perseverance to change your negative thoughts into positive ones.  You must put a lot of energy into stopping the negativity and replacing it with positive thinking.

For example, you might have a thought such as ‘I’m not good at taking care of my finances. I spend money faster than I make it, and I just never have enough to do what I want.  I’d be so happy if I had a hundred more dollars…’

When you have a thought like that, you should work on replacing it with, ‘I’m working to learn how to manage my money responsibly.  I am so grateful for what I already have, and I’m going to get what else I want, as long as I stick with it!’

Which statement makes you feel better? Do you really want to dwell on the fact that you’re not good with money?  Everyone has the opportunity to change, so make sure that you focus on having thoughts that are going to attract money!

Make Sure You Know That Money is an Energy Too

earn money for more energyOne of the primary things to remember about all energy is that it can’t be destroyed and that it’s important to give as well as to receive.  That doesn’t mean you need to give away your money, but you do need to spend your time, your talents, your energy, your skills, your wisdom, and anything else you have to offer.

The ideal situation is for you to donate your time to doing something that you love.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible.  You might be stuck in a job that you don’t love, but instead of constantly dwelling on this, use it as an opportunity to learn.  Everything has the chance to teach you, so make sure you have an open mind and you’re willing to learn.

Be grateful that you have the chance to contribute to society and to your family, even if you feel like the contribution is small.  Once again, it’s important to remember to be grateful for what you have.  This happy attitude will go out into the world and attract money — or more importantly, it will attract the things that you want the money for!


Give Some Thought to How You Will Use Your Money

how will you spend your incomeGive some thought to the ways you’re going to use your extra money.  Specifically, think of how you can use your wealth to make the world a better place.  That doesn’t mean you have to give it away! You can use it to develop your talents and put yourself to work doing things you love.

Your gift to the world can easily be the results of your talents.  Maybe that means you need to go back to school.  Maybe that means you need to support yourself while writing that novel that’s been brewing in the back of your mind for years.

Think about how nice it is to have extra money.  Think of how positive and good you feel… now you’re infusing your imagination with positive emotions!

Money can also help you to develop your spiritual side.

If you aren’t forced to focus on survival, you can focus on making the most out of your life.  Imagine yourself doing that!

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