How to Attract More Money

April 4, 2018 Spence 2

We’ve all had that point in our lives where we’ve wished for more money.  Maybe we wanted the latest phone on the market, or maybe we simply wanted to catch up on bills.  Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that having more money can make life easier.   If you’re like most of us, you probably work a nine to five job.

Be Happy: Beginners Guide to Success

March 30, 2018 Spence 2

We’ve all heard that happiness is a choice.  What happens if we’re constantly choosing negativity over positivity without even realizing it?  Happiness can have a lot of great benefits.  For example, a happier person is going to have a lot more energy and ambition than they’re sour-faced counterparts.  It’s alright if you aren’t always happy or if you have no idea how to be happy.  Sometimes it can feel really overwhelming to try and figure out what to do.